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Chris Jordan

Financial Advisor, Business Manager

Chris joined Presper Financial Architects (formerly part of Millennial Group) in 2010 having been with UBS Financial Services Inc. since 1994. She is fully registered (Series 7, 9 and 10,24, 66 and Accident & Health Life Variable Annuities) with more than 20 years of experience, including extensive experience in all facets of investing, trading and operations. She has also earned the Registered ParaplannerSM certification. Prior to her 15 years with UBS (formerly McDonald Investments) she was employed by Prudential Securities and PaineWebber for several years.

As a financial advisor, Chris plays a critical role in providing service through analysis of client portfolios, evaluating industry research, gathering and analyzing client data, preparing financial plans and mutual fund analysis. In addition, her management licenses and experience in the areas of operations and compliance allows Chris to also act as business and operations manager with responsibility for compliance and audit issues for Presper Financial Architects overall.

Chris currently lives in Stow and has three sons and four grandchildren.

When Chris is not at work helping Presper Financial Architects’ clients, she enjoys photography, table tennis, snowshoeing, swimming, quilting and riding her motor-scooter. She has an extensive napkin ring collection, and is the published author of Simply Elegant Napkin Folding (Sterling/Tamos 2000). 

Words from Chris

I developed pictures in high school and one day my dad took me to Cleveland to scour camera stores for a good used enlarger.  However, I hadn’t saved up quite enough money.  Of course, he chipped in so I could get it. (I’m sure a repayment plan and interest rate was negotiated first.) What I remember most from this was him saying, “I guess I am going to have to use my emergency hundred-dollar bill.” He explained that he always kept a hundred-dollar bill in a secret place in his wallet just for emergencies. But what I really learned was, to my Dad, emergencies were not just flat tires, car trouble, or health incidents. It would have been an emergency to him to not be able to help make my dreams come true. I learned there were a lot of good emergencies as well as bad.  And yes, I keep an emergency $100 bill handy too. 

Thoughts on PFA

Every job I've ever had has been customer service oriented. I believe in excellent service and that is top priority here. I also love helping to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently and in compliance with our industry’s many rules and regulations behind the scenes.  


I can do a very loud, very real, imitation of an air raid siren.

Chris's First Memories of Money