Our Team

Kenneth R. Wilhelm

Financial Advisor

Ken is one of the most experienced members of Presper Financial Architects. Beginning in 1986, Ken founded KW Retirement Planning, where he served employees of many major corporations in the Akron area. He focused on corporate employees preparing for retirement, planning their investments to help them provide a proper balance of growth and income for their retirement years. Ken also spent 15 years teaching seminars for his not-for-profit financial education company, taught retirement classes at many schools and corporations, and served as a public speaker for various clubs, companies, and organizations. He then co-founded the Millennial Group in 1997, ultimately becoming part of Presper Financial Architects from its inception. He now focuses on Market Analysis and Equity Investment Strategies, utilizing fundamental and technical analysis to help manage market volatility for clients.

Ken received his bachelor’s degree from The University of Akron, his master’s degree from Southern Illinois University and did postgraduate work at Ohio University. He taught school for a number of years before entering the Financial Services Industry in 1979.

Along with servicing Ohio clients, Ken sees his many clients in the Carolinas and Florida. Ken is active in his church, serving as a choir member and instructor of Youth Bible Studies. 

His hobbies include golf, community theater, and travel.

Words from Ken

Ken has been in the business for a long time which means he has almost too many stories to tell. But he will eventually. We promise the wait will be well worth it.

Thoughts on PFA

The great staff at Presper Financial Architects helps me stay organized and up to date as I commute between South Carolina and our Akron office.


Ken is currently coming up with the most interesting fact about himself. He has so many it takes a lot of time to pick the best one. Stay tuned for more.