Our Team

Tyson Sebree

Project Specialist

Tyson has been a File Tech & Data Analyzer for four years at PFA – Tyson helps us with special projects and computer programming our proprietary research methods to keep us on top of the markets and efficient in our processes.  

Tyson has one of the more diverse work histories of anyone on the team. He spent one year as Security, five years of being a Jeweler, six years of Surgical Instrument repair and sterilization, one year of Commercial Diving (this is not a typo, it’s diving as in underwater), two years of dog training and management at a dog day care, and two years as a Standardized Medical patient (by that we mean being an actor in a medical school to train doctors).

Presently Tyson is working on a degree in Statistics at the University of Akron.

He is the Co-founder of a local theater company and is fostering dogs with hearing disabilities.

His family living with him all have four legs, bark, and are named for characters from “Gilligan’s Island”.

While not at PFA he enjoys writing, acting, baking, and home brewing.

Words from Tyson

My first memory of money is going grocery shopping with my mother at a very young age and being in charge of picking the brand and size that yielded the best value (since it was not on the price tags back then). I don’t remember my mom teaching me how to do that; I just remember telling mom “that ketchup is cheaper than that one per ounces.” And that sentence got me the “fun” chore of food shopping… for years. 

Thoughts on PFA

The best aspect of working at PFA is the familiar atmosphere that exists here. It not only feels like a family but a family that all likes each other.


I can never remember if maroon is a type of red or blue.  People have told me a million times yet somehow I always have this same thought each time that color comes up (which is not often but more times then you would think) “Wait…did I think it was blue and people corrected me? Or…did I think it was red and people corrected me?”. So at this point I just smile and nod when people tell me about their new color scheme.