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40 Years, but who is counting?

Jul 11, 2019

On July 9th of 1979, at the age of 18 and 30 days out of high school, I sat for the Ohio Life Insurance license test to become an agent.  That simple beginning of selling life insurance while in college has grown into a lifelong love of serving clients.  Education, life experience and a few great mentors have helped me become a compassionate financial planner for my clients.  Education has been paramount; in fact, I do not even list all of the designations that I earned over the years, but they were critical to becoming academically competent.  Mentors encouraged me and helped me mature in the business quickly.  And as I often say, "life" has helped me to become a much better planner too - raising kids, buying houses, paying for college/weddings and dealing with aging parents and death.  Many of my early financial theories have been replaced by pragmatic strategies.   Best of all is the number of wonderful people I have met along the way and how clients have invited me into their lives and become friends.  Thank you to my TEAM who work so hard to deliver great service to make me look good.  Thank you to my clients who trust me and believe in our mission to serve them.  And thank you to my wonderful wife Sonya who has stood by me through good times and bad times, both in this business and in life.  Blessings to all of us on my 40th anniversary!


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