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Education is Important to Us

Mar 06, 2019

Education is Important to Us

A few weeks ago, Dan and I traveled to the west coast to attend a three-day educational conference sponsored by TD Ameritrade.  Continuing education is an important element in our culture at Presper Financial Architects.  Beyond our normal reading and online continuing education courses, we typically attend two or three conferences each year in person.  It's a wonderful opportunity to hear updates about the economy, learn cutting edge tax strategies, preview the latest technology that impacts our clients and our team, share best practices with top advisors from around the country and to learn from platform speaking "legends" in and out of our industry.  It was our first time to attend this particular meeting with TD Ameritrade and it did not disappoint.  Each night Dan and I would get together to recap the long list of items we learned that day (while sipping on some awesome craft beer at dinner) - the most difficult part now is determining what ideas to implement in our practice.  It's hard to pick one overall theme because we learned so much: but if I had to try, I would say that technology will continue to re-shape and improve our industry at lightning speeds; but we must remember to include the "human element" in our practice...empathy, trust, listening, leading, and being there for you, our valued clients.  

Have a wonderful week.


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