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Empty Nesters

Aug 23, 2018

This week from Tom Presper:

This past weekend Sonya and I moved our youngest child, Owen, into his dorm at Wittenberg University.  We are excited for him and he is thrilled to be in college and more independent.  He is also very excited about his lacrosse teammates and the experiences he will gain participating in a collegiate program.  It ended up not being too similar to moving our previous five kids into college.  I don't think in a bad way...he was very ready to be in college and he was not feeling the sentimental stuff (yet, we hope).  And because he is a collegiate athlete, we had an additional long meeting with other freshmen parents which he did not attend with us.  So when we finally met up with him again in the "all freshmen" welcome meeting, he was sitting on the other side of the room with his orientation group.  We saw him briefly afterwards to deliver some groceries we bought for his room and then he was off to dinner and another series of meetings.  He did hug and kiss us and thank us for getting him to where he is today...and then we left and drove away in a very quiet car.  At my first opportunity that evening and each day since I send him a text that says "call your mother".  We are empty nesters now; for 33 years we raised kids at home and now it's just us, so do say a prayer for Sonya and I as we transition into this new chapter in our lives.  Have a great week everyone.


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