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Investing for the Future

Jan 07, 2020

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to Our Lady of the Elms and speak to their Junior & Senior level personal finance class about investing in general, as well as the advantages of starting to save for lifestyle/retirement as early in life as possible.

I shared with the class portions of our "10 Steps to Financial Freedom" and "Buckets of Money" illustrations that we walk through with many of our clients. They were curious about different places they would be able to start saving, so we talked about internet banks and Roth IRA accounts with the theme being they'll want to save in places that their money works for them.

We talked a little bit about the stock market in general and how it moves up and down in the short term, but over long periods of time has tended to go up. Then, we discussed what stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange traded funds actually are and how they may want to invest in the future.

It was a great experience, and Tom and I always enjoy these types of opportunities. I heard back from the teacher that she'd gotten some positive feedback from the students, so we'll count that as a success!

Happy New Year from all of us here at Presper Financial Architects!


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