PFA Updates

On the Move Again

May 15, 2019

This week from Tom Presper:

I have talked before about my part-time job..."one Dad and a truck moving business".  Actually, I'm only in business for my kids, and every time I orchestrate a move I tell them "I'm getting too old for this, and my parents never moved me", yadah, yadah, yadah.  

Well, my children have shuffled locations again, so I have had a busy month and more to come.  Our oldest daughter, Briana, her husband Ben and their two daughters moved from Knoxville to Akron (yeah, grandkids locally).  Our second oldest, Hillary and her husband Ben moved from Chicago to Denver.  Lydia, our fourth, moved to a new apartment in Pittsburgh and will be joined by her sister Irene, our fifth, in July when she moves from Denver to Pittsburgh.  Madeline, our third, will be moving into her own home in West Akron this summer.  And I guess I will throw in Owen who will be moving back home for the summer in mid-May as he wraps up his first year of college.  I have become an expert at picking U-haul trailers to hook up to my F-150, loading tools, straps, blankets, etc.  Sonya and I are blessed that we can physically help with the moves as we age (gracefully).  My kids do know I am just teasing when I complain about having to help...I would not miss the chance to be involved.  My tag line is "Have truck, will travel!"  Make it a good week.

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