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Relay Team Member Spotlight: Candice Nagy

Aug 11, 2022

As the Presper Financial Architects team prepares to #RunTheBlueLine, we’re shining the spotlight on each one of our relay team members. Next up is client service specialist Candice Nagy.

How did you get into running? What's your background in running or other sports? 

So, I have always been an active person and enjoy getting outdoors as much as I can. As for running, I am not sure it qualifies as “running,” but a group of girlfriends decided to sign up for a destination marathon relay over 10 years ago. That was the catalyst that started my journey of many relays and two Akron half marathons. 

How has your training been going? Highs and lows?

The training is never easy or natural for me, but I try to find a positive in each session regardless of how difficult it seems at the time. The recent heat and humidity are tough conditions, and if I could motivate myself to wake up early to run, I might save myself some of the struggle.

What are your favorite songs on your running playlist? What are some of the most surprising songs on that playlist?

My running playlist is quite diverse from ‘80s hair bands like Poison or Motley Crue, to Taylor Swift, to Lizzo. If the song has a good beat and a singable chorus, you’ll find it on my list. You might even hear me attempting to sing while I am running if I have the lung capacity to do it!

Shoe of choice?  

Most of my athletic shoes in general are Nike, but with the suggestion of my fellow teammates, opted for Brooks this time around. I always pick the brightest pair I can find hoping it makes my feet look like they are moving fast like the Flash.

What have you enjoyed most about past races? What are you most excited for? Any other thoughts you'd like to share? 

Some of the best memories of past races are the friendships and shared experiences with the people I have run each race with. To be clear, I do not enjoy the “running” part of it. But, the journey of supporting, preparing, and commiserating as race day approaches is always energizing. It is always bittersweet once the race is over. I am forever grateful to have so many friends and colleagues willing to commit to such an endeavor with me and support me along the way.

One of my favorite moments was last year’s relay. I chose to run the first leg, and along my route I had several friends and family that woke up early to cheer and hug me along the way. Nothing gives you a boost like the love and cheers from “your” people, priceless! If only it was enough to help my legs move a little faster.

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