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Veterans Day at the Library

Dec 12, 2017

This week from Dan:

On Veteran’s Day the Stark County Library held their Salute to Veterans Event at their downtown Canton location. As part of the event, the library asked Tom and I to be present for the day to answer any financial questions the attendees may have and talk a little bit about some of the special benefits that veterans have that aren’t available to the general public. We had a booth set up for the duration of the event, and we also had a chance to present an abbreviated version of the ‘Passport to Retirement’ class we teach around the area. The class is typically taught over 3 2-hour sessions, but we were able to shrink it down to about an hour so we could touch briefly on some of the highlights of the presentation. 

We had a good time talking with some of the Veterans who came to the event, and it was really interesting for us as we prepared for the event to learn about some of the special benefits available to military personnel (we get pretty amped up whenever we learn about a new financial planning strategy).

Overall, it was a very nice day at the library. It really was such an honor to be included with many of the different Veterans organizations in the Canton area, and we hope to do more events with the library in the future.



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