Our Team

Amy Hescht

Senior Client Service Specialist, Information Technology Manager

Aside from the financial advisors, Amy is the longest-running Presper Financial Architects employee, coming to us in 2002. Not only does she assist the Presper team in all aspects of client service, she is also Ken Wilhelm’s right-hand person. With a background in the financial planning industry, Amy has a keen understanding of broker dealer firms, and has acquired her Series 7 securities registration. 

Meanwhile, Amy's technical skill and in-depth knowledge of industry-specific software makes her invaluable as our IT specialist. Amy is the primary contact for all of Ken Wilhelm’s clients, and loves helping all of Tom’s as well.

Amy worked for Vestax Securities Corporation a Securities Broker Dealer for 2 1/2 years where she held two different job positions

Research Specialist: (handled back office rep of record changes with firm and investment companies also firm/partner separations as well as items that needed detailed reporting or accounting) 

Commission Specialist: (Ran Pershing daily trade reports and reconciled tickets charges, entered commission checks and ran the weekly commission process and reports to pay the firms agents/brokers)

Prior to this and during her time at Vestax, she did record & bookkeeping for her husband’s transportation business.

Amy has two beautiful granddaughters, Kaitlyn and Hailey, and collects Carousel Horse Figurines

Words from Amy

My first memory of money came from a widowed woman that lived in my neighborhood growing up; her name was Millie. She loved going to church and would encourage the kids in the neighborhood to learn bible verses. Once a week during summer break she would give the kids a chance to quote bible verses they memorized to her (they could not be short ones either) you also had to know what book, chapter and verse it was.  You were allowed to quote ten verses each week for a chance at earning a dollar if they were correct word for word. Well, at age eight this was a big deal because you could save your money for something big or spend it each week at the corner store buying penny candy. It was great and It also made me realize early on that money was earned and not just handed to you.

Thoughts on PFA

I would have to say my favorite aspect of PFA is getting to know our clients and cultivating relationships with them. It’s like they’re a part of our extended family.


I love old school muscle cars. I have favorites, but I do not discriminate.  If I had the garage and could afford it, I would have a different car for everyday of the week.