Our Team

We work together and closely with you to draft a thoughtful and strategic plan

We are a dedicated group of financial experts following a single mission: to help our clients improve their financial well-being. Our team members, like you, have their own diverse experiences and are at different stages of their lives. Their experiences, both professional and personal, equip them to help you using our unique architectural approach. 

Tom's portrait
Tom Presper, CLU, ChFC
Founder, Financial Advisor
Dan's portrait
Dan Garner, CFP®
Financial Advisor
Madeline's portrait
Madeline Presper
Business Manager
Dave's portrait
Dave Cranston
Operations Associate
Cindy's portrait
Cindy Henry
Senior Client Service Specialist
Amy's portrait
Amy Hescht
Senior Client Service Specialist, Information Technology Manager
Candice's portrait
Candice Holden
Client Service Specialist
Alexa's portrait
Alexa Walker
Client Service Associate