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March Forward

Mar 08, 2021

March Forward

The month of March can be challenging at times. The weather can tease us with some Spring warmth for a few days and then plummet us back into winter. Filing taxes is front and center and typically not a favorite task. The stock market has been sideways to slightly down the last month and Covid is still hanging around. This is when we encourage everyone to keep their eyes on the long term. Focus on the brighter days to come. This month, our theme is about setting goals and/or re-visiting the goals we have set to be sure we are on track. It's all about "marching" forward when the going gets tough. We have a three step process we can walk you through:

First, clarify your "why". What are you saving for?

Second, dream a little and see yourself achieving your goals.

Third, design a step by step plan to achieve your goals.

Dan Garner and I will tell you, it all comes down to the plan. If you have a plan in writing, you have a better chance of achieving your life goals, especially when you get a little bogged down.

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