PFA Updates

We've Crossed the Finish Line!

Oct 06, 2022

Another Akron Marathon Team Relay is in the books! The muscle aches have worn off and the blue line will fade with the changing seasons, but your generous donations will make a lasting impact across Akron. 

On behalf of the entire Presper Financial Architects team, we would like to thank all who donated to Team Presper's cause!

In all, your generosity helped us meet our goal of raising $9,100 for the International Institute of Akron! The monetary donations, Target gift cards, and donations of bedding items will play essential roles in fostering the well-being of immigrants across our community. 

Team Presper took the #2 spot among fundraising relay teams! However, PFA's post-race match brings us to an unofficial first place!

We could not have reached our goal without you, and we thank you again for your generosity! 

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