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What Would Dad Say?

Jun 25, 2020

Father's Day is on Sunday and as I think about dads and the roles they play in our lives, I am struck by the many times clients (and my children) want to "check with dad" before making a significant financial decision.   

Fathers play a large role in shaping our habits and attitudes towards money, so much that "checking with dad" continues into our adult life.  I know it did with me while my dad was alive.

 The conversation might go like this: "That's a good idea dad, I had not thought of that." (Note to self...maybe he's smarter than I thought he was when I was a teenager).  Between us, I am sure your dad was glad you asked too.

 So this Sunday, celebrate the special dad in your life - and don't forget the uncles, friend's dads, male coaches, and teachers who helped shape you into the person you are.

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